Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Impact of Plastic Bags

My fabulous friend Samantha emailed a great link to me today - remember to be conscious when you use those eco-icky bags and watch this!

It's very important to understand what plastic bags are doing to our environment and the health of the planet. When you watch this link and you will be amazed...We need to kick the plastic bag habit!

I know many of our blog readers are already "converts" and try to no longer use plastic bags, but we can always have further convincing...

Many countries around the world and some cities in the USA have banned the use of plastics bags. If your town doesn’t have a ban, get one!!!
Please forward these photos and information on the damage to our earth and its life caused by plastic bags (made from an oil by-product).

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Crystal said...

Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad...No more plastic bags for me. Thanks for posting Lorrie! I am going to *sorry* piggy back on your post and do one on my blog site as well....word needs to spread and I will fully accredit you for finding it! :) blog website btw:!!!!