Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I shopped, I saved, I gave back (to Co-Op America!) I'm stoked!

It's that fab time of year where all conscious spending goes out the window and we are not in the holiday "oh s-%$" gift-giving-madly mayhem. For those of you who had a list and stuck to it, I sincerely commend you.

I for one, thought I was on track, bragged in a previous post that I had omitted so many unnecessary gifts, yet here I am ready to leave for Utah for the holiday (I live in California) and as I blog, I am also frantically online buying last minute gifts for people I just realized I need to gift.

BUT HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS ! You can still give gifts that give back that are meaningful. Co-Op America has a deal with Organic Bouquet where you get a 25% discount AND $10 is donated to Co-Op America!

So I supported a green company, gave beautiful gifts and supported a great cause.

Whew!!! Still consciously spending!

We will talk about ways to pay off credit cards in 2008! ha!

Happy Holidays!

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