Saturday, December 8, 2007

I didn't panic when I bought expensive jeans that were organic

It's been a wild week, plus it's the start of the chaotic holidays. So, what's a stressed out girl to do? SHOP! (Duh!?) So even though I spent a LOT on my new organic bootcut jeans, I feel good that they are 100% organic cotton (and they make my butt look good, thank gawad) Even better, the online clothing boutique that I bought my jeans from, Kate Boutique, donates 1% to Heal the Ocean. Poifect!

Dear Conscious Spending Goddess:
I bought quality over quantity today but and I will wear these timeless jeans forever. I will wash them with my Cleanut Vegan soap only after I have worn them several times because I don't need to wash them every time I wear them. I will wait at minimum four wears. I will wash in cold. I will be a conscious spender. I am grateful for conscious shopping therapy.

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