Sunday, December 9, 2007

A truly reSOURCEful toothbrush

We live in a time crunched world...when we lack time, we tend to naturally lack time to think.

Thank goodness the folks at RADIUS TOOTHBRUSH took the time to think about the fact that 80%, yes 80% of the materials used by standard toothbrushes do not have to be replaced Post thought, they created the source toothbrush. The handles are made with renewable resource bio-plastic handles that are made from recycled wood or flax mixed with post-consumer polypropylene.

SO COOL and uber conscious.

It's the same concept with razors, you only need to replace the heads of those, so why not only replace the heads of toothbrushes? I know, ah-ha!

The next time you get a new toothbrush, get a eco-friendly toothbrush!


Radius Genie said...


Thank you for this wonderful posting regarding our Source toothbrush.

Our Original Radius toothbrush with its wide oval head, gentle bristles and amazingly comfortable handle is processed from sustainable yield forest into 100% renewable resource plastic.

Yes, we take great pride in looking not only for the best design and usablity but also to use what we can that is best for less environmental impact.

These two thoughts: Design and Environment go hand in hand!

Happy Blogging!
Radius: Genie

Radius Genie said...

Hi! Just wanted to give a quick update after checking our information again...we actually save 91% of the material wasted in ordinary toothbrush handles as opposed to 80%.

The more the better :-)

Thanks again for pointing out how reSourceful we aim to be with our new Source toothbrush.

Happy Blogging and even Happier Brushing!