Friday, November 30, 2007

Spare yourself card sending drama - Send online greetings for the holidays!

I'm going to do all of you conscious spenders a BIG favor...I am going to tell you now, honestly, that you will not have time to snail mail lots of meaningful paper holiday cards to all the people you care about this year OR you will buy a stack of cards and they will sit on your desk until 2008 and you will feel bad that you didn't have time to send them OR (and this may be the worst scenario) you will just sign the card (BTW, I hate getting a card with nothing but a signature) and stamp it and send the paper cards that have no special message and ends up in the recycle bin (I hope it at least goes into recycle) But don't feel the paper card ick any more...

Say no to holiday paper card lameness! Make a conscious choice to save TIME, TREES and MONEY and send meaningful holiday cards ONLINE with Three Leaf Cards. The owners are both artists, all the cards are custom video cards and the message will be truly meaningful. Plus, you save time, trees and money! It's only $19 for the whole year to send kick-ass online greeting cards (love that!)

With Three Leaf Cards, you can send great memorable cards and custom select the:
-Date (can schedule cards in advance)
-Logo of the non-profit partner who you support (Three Leaf Cards donates to Breast Cancer Fund, Sustainable Conservation, Mountain Institute, Co-Op America and the Conservation Fund.

Save yourself the stress of holiday greetings, be a conscious spender, get a Three Leaf Cards membership and start pre-scheduling those holiday cards now so you can spend more time ENJOYING the holidays! Plus, 10% or more of your membership goes to a GREAT CAUSE...Go!!

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aphotog said...

Then what do I use to decorate my mantle? And what about updating everyone on the greatest moments for the year?