Thursday, January 10, 2008

Conscious Gifts for Valentine's Day

Heyheyhey Conscious Spenders!
I hope you are well. I'm loving this shiny new year...we can all start the year out right by making wise spending choices and STICKING TO THEM!

Although I am normally not one to be a big "Hallmark holiday" supporter, I do have to share some conscious gifting ideas for those of you who honor Valentine's Day so you spend consciously!

Need great Valentine's Day gift ideas? Shop Co-op America's Green Businesses for conscious companies so your gifts give back and make a difference.

You all know how giddy I was over my gifts from the holiday from Organic Bouquet - I'd support them again ANYTIME. Other great Valentine's Day gifts can be found too!

And for those of you who actually want to be really conscious with spending on the day of love, take your loved one for a walk and have a picnic and save resources and moolah!!!!!!!!


Moi said...

I appreciate your picnic idea! Unfortunately, it's cold and rainy here in February :-(

leaflover said...

oh nooo! indoor picnic maybe? ;)

Emma said...

I love finding creative Valentines Day gifts that are totally unique.

Finding unusual gift ideas can be a lot of fun. Whether it's for Valentines day or some other occasion, I get a real kick out of finding something quite unique.

It's a Valentines Day message written in sand, accompanied by a special certificate recording the message. A momentary sandmessage of love.

All that's needed from you is to dream up the most creative and romantic Valentines message that you can that will set your mans heart racing.

The perfect way to deliver a romantic Valentines day message. It's about as romantic as it gets.

Jay said...

Send them a message of love by sending a bunch of lovely roses. you can check out my Tacoma Florist for some great deals.

Anonymous said...

Recently my friend bought a Super Man Personalized Glass Ornament from Personal creations store on & saved $35%..!!