Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Conscious Hotelling

Greetings from the Georgia Tech Conference Hotel in Atlanta (it snowed here today!) I had a conscious moment when I checked into my room...

So much of the toiletries go to we REALLY need to open soaps in the shower and bathtub?

Help minimize your hotel consumption:

1. Only use one soap during your stay (it won't kill you to pick the soap up from the sink and take it to the shower!)

2. If the hotel has a linens program where you can request that they don't clean your linens daily, opt for that!

3. Turn off all lights when you are not in the room!


Healthy Tips said...

Wow.. Never really thought of this, that one can/should stay "conscious" when hotelling. Im conscious at home, but never had the idea when I'm at hotels.
That's some really good tips!

Anonymous said...

Do You Wonder?