Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Organic Egg Whites From Eggology

As a conscious spender, I always want to buy products that are healthy, safe and make me feel like my money is well spent. I found a good one this week!

I went to Lazy Acres, a local store in Santa Barbara, Ca where I discovered Eggology.com's organic egg whites.

Eggology's egg whites are 100% fresh egg whites - NOTHING else added (unlike some of the not-so yummy egg beaters-type egg whites that give egg whites a bad name).

I have been making egg white omlettes, adding low fat protein to my smoothies and baking with Eggology. I never thought I'd like the taste of egg whites, but I do!!

Go to www.eggology.com - you can order online and get GREAT healthy low fat recipes


Anonymous said...

This stuff is awesome! I love this stuff for baking just as much as I love eating it scrambled up. Greatest thing since sliced bread!

leaflover said...

agreed - I can't eat any other egg whites eggcept (hehehe) Eggology now!