Saturday, September 8, 2007

ecard spam scams

As many of you are aware, ecard scams are back (much to the dismay of companies that provide legitimate online greetings services!). Many of you have probably received one of these types of cards. Being in the world of online greetings, this touches home for us so we wanted to address the issue.

Hackers and spammers may use the guise of an ecard message to get you to click on a link that could infect your computer with a virus.

The url itself, when clicked, can start the virus so be mindful of the links in the emails you click on.

Before you proceed, ask yourself:
1. Is the card from somebody you know?
If the ecard does not have a recognizable senders name in the subject line or email message, stop right there, do not be tempted to click on non-certain senders like “an old classmate” or “secret admirer” or words like “someone”, “someone who cares” or very broad like “you have an ecard waiting”

2. Check the hyperlink in the card before you click…is the source reputable?

3. Keep your antivirus software up to date. Anti-virus companies state that these scams are on the rise, so be prepared, be aware and be a little skeptical…

And remember, if your “secret admirer” really wants to reach you, they can pick up the phone!

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