Monday, September 10, 2007

That "Socially Responsible Co-Op" is at it Again...

A new ad campaign debuted from REI. Three Leaf Cards came across it on the
Environmental Leader website.

(Note, the image is not the ad, but the art on the landing page for where you can find out more about REI's sustainability initiatives.)

The ad provokes the reader by offering "Organic, Recycled, Natural" as the
three key words. Below them, the ecoSensitive label sits, with a "Buy Green"
button just below it.

Does anyone else think it's fascinating that REI is now calling itself and
Eco-Friendly Co-Op?

If you click on the button, it takes you to the REI page, where you see a spread of
"best sellers" under the moniker: "Take it Easy on Mother Nature."

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