Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fridge Filling a Factor for Green Living

The ConsciousConsumers at Three Leaf Cards were surprised to learn that the
food you purchase to eat is important, but so is how you actually stock the

Today's "Tip of the Day" on The Daily Green website, notes:

* Keeping your refrigerator full, but not to the point of overstuffing, will
allow it to run at max capacity.

* To help retain cold temperatures when the fridge and freezer are less
full, place glass or ceramic pitchers of water in their compartments. Like
using ice in a picnic cooler, this will insulate the interior and keep it

The tips make sense when you consider the fact that the fridge eats about
one-sixth of all energy usage in a typical home in the United States, "using
more electricity than any other single household appliance," according to
The Daily Green.

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