Sunday, September 9, 2007

Help make a healthy planet, start at home

As a conscious spender, I try my best to make purchases that last the test of time and are good for people and planet. One of the best eco-friendly buys I made (that I still use today) is the book...Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan. A good friend of mine suggested this book to me in is STILL in my arsenal of best eco-friendly purchases. Not only is the book a great read, it offers a wealth timeless healthy-living cleaning tips and household cleaning recipes that 1.) clean your house better than any product on the shelves 2.) are better for your health since they lack ick toxins 3.) save money in the long run.

Our home can be the un-healthiest place to exist because of the toxins floating around...toxins caused by chemicals in our cleaning products. We have choices to make as conscious spenders and little steps can make a big difference. Step one is awareness, step two is education, step three is action. Do yourself and your family a favor, make your house a healthy environment, cleaning does not have to kill you!

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