Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The average woman consumes one tube of lipstick a year - make it organic!

In a former life, I was a cosmetics manager (a "get my butt though college" job that paid well!) and I recall learning in one of my sales trainings that the average woman consumes one tube of lipstick a year. That stat freaked me out (I wish I could recall the source) but it does make you think....

If you are going to wear lip color and you are going to ingest some of it, you better make it good for you!

I discovered Colorganics Lip Tint It is sheer, organic lip tint that is moisturizing with a slight hint of natural color, perfect actually. It's made with organic castor oil and moisturizing organic hemp seed oil.

For those of you who are really into safe cosmetics, ingredients are below.

Ingredients: Certified organic castor oil, certified organic beeswax, carnauba wax, certified organic hemp seed oil, certified organic jojoba oil, natural vitamin E. May contain mica, iron oxides, carmine, titanium dioxide (non-FD&C natural pigments).

Conscious beauty comes via conscious spending! May your next tube of lipstick be a quality one!


I'm Kitty! said...

What do you know about MAC makeup?

B said...

I believe carmine is the red pigment derived from cochineal insects (aka beetles). I suppose that's natural! I myself am intersted in natural cosmetics, but it's good to know the truth about what's in your make-up. I don't eat beetles ordinarily, so I try to avoid them in my lipstick ;)

bbZuSh said...

I don't use any make up - most of the time :P

Thanks for the information :-)

family site said...

thanks for the info

kiki said...

i'm interested in finding a "lipstick" (gloss or whatnot) that isn't sticky and tastes yummy when kissed ;) any suggestions?

Daraxil said...

You have a very interesting idea, it would be cool to get it out to more women...


The Million Dollar Mystery Man said...

how curious are YOU?


sylvie d said...

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OrganicUnderground said...

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Anonymous said...

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latha vidyaranya said...

now that you are talking of lipstick, i would like to know about 'kaajal' the make up applied to beautify the eyes - how safe it is to the eyesight in the long run?

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izzah said...

either make it organic and cheap, or don't use it! hehe

Secret Fruit Juice said...

Any thing organic is the best way to go. More so now then ever I think. Great find.

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