Monday, November 12, 2007

Help Spread the Word About Climate Change

Hey Coolio Conscious People!

Since it's almost that time to give thanks, I thought I'd suggest that we give thanks for nature and the planet and take advantage of the power of the world wide web and:

1. connect with people you care about
2. help spread the word about climate change (it's not going away, awareness is the first step towards conscious change)

Check out the free powerful climate change cards on Three Leaf Cards and the slightly satirical climate change card and send the card around!

Have a great day!
P.S. The "Glacier Guy Free Video" was featured at an NRDC dinner


Anonymous said...

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rob said...

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Anonymous said...

Blogs like this amuse me. In a few short years your choices for healthy living and organic goods will be seriously curtailed by the ominous and devastating depression bearing down on our country.
Get a dose of the real life and read,

Get your head out of the organic produce section and start being aware of the real world around you.

David said...

i am strongly in favor of recognizing and preparing for climatalogical change, since it is the ONE thing we can count on. Earth heats up, earth cools down, then warms again, just like even your best relationship!
Love the earth, but don't try to smother-love her. She is strong, and in very good hands.