Thursday, November 8, 2007

In the Co-Op America Inspiration Zone

Greetings conscious spenders...It's been a few days (which is a rare thing for me to NOT have something say, as opinion is my middle name), but since I arrived in San Francisco Tuesday for the Co-Op America Green Conference, I have been on information overload (in a good way!) attending all the great networking events, socially responsible business sessions, break out sessions (great blogging/social media session hosted by David Anderson of Green Options Media) wining (organic wine of course!), dining (vegan and organic) talking to my fellow conference attendees about Three Leaf Cards tree-free holiday greeting cards and getting up the next day to get more green data in my noggin. So, the point of the run-on sentence is to say that all the inspiration has left me a little blog-less to say the least. I am so overwhelmed with excitement about being a part of this industry and now have so many new tidbits of great information to share, that I think I simply am at a loss of where to start!

I always attend events like these with no expectations, as half the excitement of attending conferences is that you never know who you will meet. I have met green decorators, green media companies, socially responsible business consultants, eco-friendly food companies, organic cosmetics companies and much, much more.

I plan to go through all my notes when I leave San Francisco and share all the conscious spending wisdom that I have collected. Stay tuned in the next few weeks.

The biggest overall takeaway so far from the conference is how important is to support companies that are working to make a positive impact to help people and the planet and that we have NO (I'll say it again, NO) EXCUSE to not make conscious spending choices because there is not a lack of any socially responsible service or product provider out there, it's just a matter of empowering ourselves to know who they are and support them.

Three Leaf Cards supports great non profit organizations that are truly making a quantifiable impact. Co-Op America is one of the companies that a member can choose to donate 10% of their funds to, and after seeing the team in action, I am beyond proud to support them as well as all of our great Non Profit partners

Companies are out there making a difference, I cannot wait to share all the great companies I have stumbled upon to keep conscious spending fun and impact-ful.

For anyone in SF, go to the Green Festival this Friday - Sunday and see for yourselves all the great green companies that you can consciously support!


Melody said...

Interesting blog!

Yearn to travel said...

So do they ever have any conferences on the east Coast? I really like this blog and have several friends to pass it on to.

leaflover said...

they have one in chicago and the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies has events in local regions and bioneers has events in San Fran don't forget Green Drinks (founded in London, now in a city near you
thanks for passing the blog on!