Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Be a Conscious Shopper - Use Reuseable Bags!

I am sure a lot of us are frantically doing last minute Turkey Day Shopping. Before you get in the car, make a conscious choice to use reusable bags to reduce your impact on the planet!

Co-Op America awarded their annual People's Choice Award prize this year to, a member of their Green Business Network devoted to helping society overcome its addiction to the ubiquitous petroleum-based plastic shopping bag.

"Our ongoing mission since day one has been to change the status quo of society's use-and-toss mentality by providing sound, practical ideas and products," says Vincent Cobb, founder of "We were thrilled to be nominated the past two years, and are incredibly honored to win this year's award."

In addition to being a GREAT company, the eco-friendly shopping bags are great. They are durable, make transporting goods easier and make the planet less landfill-y (it's late, I made that word up)

Buy a few eco-friendly shopping bags and store them in your car, then you never have an excuse to forget and you will spread the conscious spending love!


Anonymous said...

This is so important and easy to do! My partner and I always try to bring a bag with us to the store. What do you think of the idea of stores charging for bags?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Bags of Change? they do a range of really cool reusable shopping bags that also get you discounts on ethical products when you shop with them at affiliated shops... A great incentive to remember to BYOB:

leaflover said...

Hi Conscious Spenders!
I think it's GREAT for stores to charge for plastic and paper bags to motivate people to use canvas, we just have to change the way we think to spare landfill and unnecessary waste.

And thanks for the tip!

aphotog said...

Don't use whole foods bags, they rip so quickly and easily. I found the ones from Trader Joe's to be much better, especially love the red and black insulated ones. Sister stole mine (uses it to tote work suppliesk lunch, and anything else, and I had to get another.
Anything for the planet.