Saturday, November 10, 2007

Conscious Spending - Period (Literally)

This is probably one of the most un-sexy posts I will ever do about conscious spending, but as a woman and someone that gives a damn about people and planet, I cannot NOT talk about conscious spending choices that relate to our periods, specifically healthy feminine hygiene products (phew, there, I said it)

Okay, getting your period sucks most of the time but what can suck even harder is putting toxic (toxictoxictoxic) bleached products into our bodies in the name of "hygenine". We have choices to make and women owe it to themselves and their families to make healthy feminine product choices.

The Seventh Generation site explains why we need to think and make better choices about feminine care products:

"Most conventional feminine care products are made with absorbent fibers that have been bleached with chlorine, a process which sends dangerous chlorinated toxins – especially dioxin – into our atmosphere, water, and soil. Over time, those chemicals may end up back in our bodies."

Worse, tampons are placed directly into our bodies, so we need to think twice and act by buying chlorine-free care products.

Stores like Whole Foods carry these kinds of feminine care products. Being conscious requires change (conscious awareness) - once you get in the habit of making healthier choices, it will become unconscious and your body will thank you for it.

Happy weekend! :)


Diane said...

you're not alone but I've read about this sensible choice on a few other blogs so bravo to you! ( for ex).

I'm glad you are one of the feature blogs or I may never have come across it ... great information

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Unity said...

Un-sexy maybe, but needed to be said 'definitely'!

In echo of diane, thank goodness for Feature Blogs so that the many may see/read an alternative to the natural workings of humanity without the use of unnatural products.

Anonymous said...

Neat great to know.

Karina said...

There are even more eco-friendly and economical alternatives out there than organic tampons! Menstrual cups like the Keeper and DivaCup are made of silicon or rubber and can be washed and reused for 10+ years. I have had mine now for almost 7 years and I simply love it. Most of my best friends use the Keeper or DivaCup as well. You can order them directly from the manufacturers or find out where you can buy one locally: and

Cathie Baker said...

The use of Glad Rags is really eco-conscious

Javier Rincón said...

I agree with unity. good to know. cheers

Jacqueline said...

I second Karina's comment. The Keeper and Moon Cups drastically reduce waste and are highly reliable. Thanks for the post!

leaflover said...

thanks everyone for the great feedback! You are AWESOME!!!

tly100 said...

I agree with Karina too. The diva cup is great and there is absolutely no waste added to the environment. It's clean and effective. They're only around $30, and are well worth the money. You could spend that in just a couple months with regular feminine products.