Monday, February 18, 2008

Day One of No Water Bottle Use

It is day one of my no water bottle usage committment. I would like to thank my new friend Amanda from the Brooklyn Green Team (how eco-hot are they, by the way?!!!) for emailing me back so fast when I pledged my committment. Y'all rock!

Day one is off to a good start. I have this old Starbucks almminum mug that is going to come with me everyhere to spare any desire to buy or use a water bottle.

Right now it is full of coffee, but nonetheless, I have not used a water bottle yet.
I will also commit to bringing my own pre-filled water bottle to they gym to spare any desire to buy a plastic water bottle.

If you haven't signed up for the NO WATER BOTTLE CHALLENGE, get on it! Every little thing makes a BIG difference!


Misty said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I went to and bought everyone in the family a water bottle. When our new bambina is ready to drink water I will get her one with a sippy!! The family is now on a mission to refrain from plastic bottles until earth day and hopefully beyond!

Audrey said...

What a super challenge. I love your blog.

leaflover said...

Thanks for your support of the blog and challenge! be sure to have them add you to the challenge