Friday, February 29, 2008


Yep, you heard plastic water bottles :) I committed to not buying plastic water bottles as part of the no Plastic Water bottle Challenge hosted by the Brooklyn Green Team and that is my story, and I am sticking to it!

I am 11 days into my commitment and it's been no problemo. I even walked my desk-ridden bum down to the water dispenser (a few blocks away from the home office) this week with two gallon jugs and paid my 60 cents to refill them then walked home. Eco-friendly, low cost workout for a healthy planet and healthier body!

Your future Brooklyn green friends (SIGN UP) send reminders once you commit to the challenge and I love the great tips. Here's one from this week:

"Remember to use a ceramic or glass mug for your liquids throughout the day and when you need water on the go, look for a #1 or #2 plastic to avoid leaching. OR try Swellz a company that makes water sacks, hand-made in Spain (the original birthplace of water sacks) using latex interiors hand sewn with soft leather with a handy-strap for carrying. They're good for hot and cold and they age like a favorite baseball glove."

Three Leaf Cards is also supporting the challenge by donating a free one-year e-card membership every week until Earth Day for individuals who join the challenge. Our eco-cool cards are nature-inspired online greeting cards (tree-free!) and we donate 10% each of annual membership fees to nonprofit organizations.

Erase waste, reduce, reuse, recycle! And join the no water bottle challenge - I DARE YOU!!!

Kick the Disposable Lifestyle this FEBRUARY - APRIL
To Join, email and write SIGN ME UP! (please include your first and last name or at least last initial)

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Xstamper said...

I agree with you. Plastic water bottle are terrible! Great job!