Friday, February 1, 2008

I love the Hotel Triton so much that I want to marry it

Well, after a post like that I don't really know how to follow, but I'll give it a go! I was up in San francisco this week and stayed at my favorite hotel EVER! Hotel Triton is owned by the Kimpton Hotel Group. They are a socially responsible company. Their mission says it all:

"Be a leader in the hospitality industry in supporting a sustainable world, by continuing to deliver a premium guest experience through non-intrusive, high quality, eco-friendly products and services."

I love supporting Kimpton Hotels 1. Because their hotels ROCK and 2. Because of their Earth Care committment:

"Kimpton Hotels has made a life-long commitment to environmental responsibility. Being environmentally responsible is not a one day job. It is a commitment and one that Kimpton is dedicated to for life. Every three months, new products and practices are introduced to Kimpton EarthCare, furthering our vision to reduce our impact on the environment. Of course, all the while we protect the high quality hotel experience our guests expect."

The service is stellar, the eco-friendly emphasis makes me feel good about where I put my moolah and I am surronded with conscious care.

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