Thursday, February 28, 2008

A GreenSage Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Elaine Ireland did a great post for, Where Every Issue is a Green Issue (love that!) on Indoor Air Quality.

Did you know that one of the WORST places we can be for toxins is inside and worse, in our homes (eeek!) We have to think about this stuff...environmental issues are not just political, they are emotional because they impact our health!

Per Elaine's post:
"Thousand of pollutants are found indoors. Chemicals, particulates and biological contaminants can wreak havoc on occupants. Indoor exposure concentrations are one to five times, and sometimes as much as 100 times, more polluted than outdoors. Here's the Guide to what these pollutants are and what you can do."

Check out the GreenSage Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Consciousness starts with awareness - pay attention to your environment (and I'm not just talking about outside!!!)

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