Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize

I can't help but imagine what the state of our country would be if Gore had not conceded and had taken a seat at the desk in the oval office on that controversial day nearly eight years ago.

Not only does he have an Emmy and an Oscar under his belt, but now he is also among the elite Nobel Peace Prize winners, joining the ranks with social advocates such as Jimmy Carter.

Of course, Al didn't win this on his own and shares the big prize with the UN Panel; but this is a huge win for the earth either way.

Not only has the general population finally accepted the fact that climate change is a real crisis and not just some Halloween myth, but now changes can finally be made to help reverse or slow global warming, which is affecting animals, plants and humans alike.

Read the full story on Al Gore's Peace Prize on Yahoo.

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Robert L Stevenson said...

I don't doubt the planet is warming, I just doubt some of the reasons some say are behind it, especially if some political leverage or control can be obtained and exercised if everyone believes the stated reason or reasons. I certainly don't think Al Gore getting a Nobel Prize adds any seriousness to the debate and falls far short of proof of global warming as your article states, however subtly.

Al said...


suzgrrl said...

Like Mr. Stevenson, I believe that we have had little effect on the warming of the PLANET (human arrogance and overinflated sense of self-importance, as usual) and therefore will have little effect on stopping it. However, that said, I still think we should do all we can to conserve our resources. I just wish the rest of the world felt the same way, and that we didn't have countries where people can't afford to care about the environment because they need to eat. One way we can, and should, create less impact is to control population growth. Of course, that would mean exercising self-restraint and selflessness by having NO children, or only one! Since the 60s the warnings have been sounded about population explosion--there will soon be an exponential one. There used to be a movement called ZPG, or zero population growth. This would be a good thing to rekindle. And as for Al Gore, don't be fooled--his "generous" donation of the monies from the prize are being funneled right back into HIS organization.

ShA-nen said...

I loved the peice about the organic lipstick, I think that I'll do that, it is so easy and will help my body and the environment.
-Shanen Leigh

THBarb said...

As soon as Al the Hippo-Cretin-Bore can show me how WE caused the polar ice caps on Mars to melt, I might start listening to the anthropogenic alarmists crap.

Our Sun is a very stable star. But it still fluctuates and our median temperature has changed for centuries.

In the meantime, I say the ice age is over and let us enjoy the sun. But don't make me turn my air conditioner off to to satisfy some green-mean streak.

BGfessup9 said...

Gore will always be political, but he will never run for president again.