Monday, October 8, 2007

Stop Junk Mail - Help the Planet

I was at the post office today picking up my mail and I was abhorred by the poundage of junk mail discarded by the mail picker-uppers. As much as I wanted to have warm fuzzies that lots of the crap solicitation garbagio was going to recycled, I could not stop my level of growing infuriation (in public) that the stinking junk mail was delivered to all our mailboxes the first place.

I managed to not loose it in front of the other mail-gatherers and got into my car and remembered that change starts with, what's a conscious consumer to do? The obvious answer was to take steps to stop the junk mail in the first place.

Being the conscious consuming nerd that I am, I started my research of companies that help stop junk mail. Some sites show you how to stop junk mail on your own but being a busy person, I realized quickly that I wanted to engage the help of a third party to do the heavy-lifting for me.

After comparing several stop junk mail sites, I found Not only do they contact tons of direct marketing folks to stop your junk mail, they are an official carbon-free organization. 41pounds serves to stop junk mail and the service fee covers five years AND they donate more than a third of the fee to non profit organizations. Way coolio.

I had a wave of conscious consumer giddiness after I signed up. Here's to stopping junk mail and making a difference!

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