Friday, October 19, 2007

Your Next Home A Tree House?

Every year the car companies come out with these insane concept ideas for cars of the future; and now there is one for homes!

Tree houses aren't just for kids anymore. There is an architectural concept for a house that can be built by, and in, a tree over the period of 5 years.

From future-thinking architects Mitchell Joachim and Javier Arbona, this tree house utilizes vines, roots and the tree itself to build a perfectly "normal" house.

The inside of the home will be plastered with the usual materials and techniques, while apparently the windows are the last point of concern. The architects still work to discover a way to make soy-based windows, or some other natural material, that can continue to grow with the house.

I'm not sure how mud and plaster would grow with the house, but I love this futuristic idea! I love that people are thinking about what our future can be like, beyond flying cars, and living in the skies like the Jetson's.

Check out the house for yourself with this green living tree house video

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Dalia Berlin, ASID FL Lic. 3623 said...

what started for the design industry as a solution to indoor air quality and kids with allergies, has now turned into a way of specifying for everyone in our office
we went and got certified in green designs with USBGC and for no additional monies to our clients we only specify and select product that are 'green' from paints to lighting and everything in between
I enjoy your blog