Monday, October 15, 2007

Green Internet TV ­ A Tribute to Blog Action Day!

Happy Blog Action Day! In celebration of Mother Earth, bloggers all over the world are participating in Blog Action Day, where over 15k websites are all going to unite and blog with one voice for the environment.

For our participation, not only are we having a party with cake and streamers, but also we thought we would share some great websites that stream videos, all about the environment.

The first is Produced by the UN Environment Program, takes a look at all environmental issues with a focus on climate change. Sounds like the latest college degree, doesn¹t it?

Big Picture TV features environmental speaker¹s videos from conferences and forums, primarily covering the topic of Ecology. It costs to play in their sandbox though.

UK-based Public TV offers videos from government, private and public organizations, with a dedicated channel to the environment. Keep a pulse on what is going on with environmental issues in other country¹s political chambers. ­the short and sweet is that this website offers a section that features a directory covering environmental and conservation topics.

Lastly there is If debating is your game, this is the place for you.

Happy Blog Action day! Keep blogging away and keep thinking GREEN!


Dave Lucas said...

Happy Blog Action Day 2007 from NEW YORK!

Julie said...

Here's a wrap up from Blog Action

The Wrap Up

The very first Blog Action Day was an unprecedented success and
we've got the final wrap up where the site used to be at complete with statistics, sample posts,
details of the huge amount of press coverage we had all over
the world, quotes and more.

It's a must see. Please feel free to spread the word around as
it's great for people to really see what we achieved together.


And if I could just say a huge thank you to every single one of
you, all 20,603 registered bloggers who took the plunge even if
it meant going off their regularly scheduled programming and
stood up to be counted.