Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Travel Green - Support Green Hotels

I travel a lot for work and one way that I try to offset my travel output is by staying at eco-friendly hotels. I am HUGE fan of the Kimpton Hotels (when I stay in SF, I love the Hotel Triton and I just saw today that the staff at one of the Kimpton Hotels, Hotel Solamar is supporting the victims of the California Wildfires in San Diego...too cool...

Being a conscious spender means being aware of a company and their practices and I have always admired the Kimpton company for their environmental eco-friendly hotel practices (organic bedding, towels, conservation, recycling and more) but now I am a super fan of them socially too...

See their message below. If anyone wants to help the California fire victims, please do so and as a conscious customer, SUPPORT GREAT COMPANIES LIKE KIMPTON HOTELS!

We have been following the news of the wildfire and want to do something to help.

The staff of Hotel Solamar has begun efforts to provide emergency supplies to surrounding shelters to help the victims of the wildfires. To provide more widespread aid, Hotel Solamar is also collecting donations to be distributed by St. Vincent De Paul Charity and Goodwill.

If you would like to join us by making a donation, please bring the following items to the front desk at the Hotel Solamar between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm, through November 7, 2007:

* Clothing
* Blankets
* Non-perishable food
* Baby food and diapers
* Bottled water
* Pet supplies


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

It's always heartening to know that the private sector, with all the charitable Hotels concerned, is also involved in corporate public relations.

We must thank God that there are still enough people who care for others in their moments of need.

Keep up with the good work and may God bless all those with the loving & caring hearts!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Wed. 7th Nov. 2007.

Anonymous said...

Celebrity Gossip Girl said...

This is a great article you have written, it is great to know that these companies are helping others in need. If only there were more people who cared this world would be a different place.