Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wildfires Consume California

We are all aware of the devastating situation with the wildfires in Southern California. I¹m sure there are a lot of factors contributing to the destruction by this super fire, including overgrowth of plants in the area, high-population density and the intense winds. With crazy gusts over 50 mph, the wind is helping to spread the fire quickly and creating a very dangerous environment, which includes the now famous Fire Tornado.

Now, area residents are being warned to stay indoors as the air quality continues to decrease. These types of fires emit very dangerous, and tiny, soot particles that can cause extreme health concerns, especially for the younger and older populations.

I was in Denver during the Heyman Fire, and the skies were an eerie orange glow and their was ash constantly falling on my patio; and that fire was a good 50 miles out of town. I can only imagine how intense and crazy this urban fire is and the kind of havoc it is wreaking in this densely populated region of the US.

Our thoughts are with the residents, both those in danger and those 500K displaced people, and hopefully Mother Nature will lend those brave firefighters a hand.

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