Wednesday, October 17, 2007

States Rank In Carbon Output

Hope everyone had a great Blog Action Day! It was such a success that they are planning to do it again next year. Over 20,000 websites participated. You can read more stats on how big of an impact we all made at

Speaking of stats, I stumbled upon a very interesting website today. It details, by state, exactly how green we are, regionally speaking, based on our energy consumption.

There are some obvious winners, like the fairly populated states, but there are some surprises in here. For instance, California fares better than N.M. in per capita carbon output, while Alaska, which has one of the lowest population ranks, is the number 3 contributor to U.S. carbon output, with Wyoming taking No.1.

Check it out in detail on Eredux.

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Laurent said...

Obviously the less populated states have a higher output per capita, whilst California's, which has a huge population is lower.
This is quite misleading since it suggests that the less populated states pollute more. They don't.