Thursday, October 25, 2007

The State Of Our Planet, Graphically Speaking That Is

People like you and me post on blogs like Conscious Spending, make conscious choices in our living and try to make a difference for the world because we are aware of what kind of impact we have on our environment. So, we all also know how big of a threat the climate crisis really is.

But, amazingly, many people are still in denial when it comes to just how critical and urgent the situation really is. BBC came out with a great story that shows the effects of global warming and human impacts on the climate crisis, with nicely illustrated pictures.

Now, for those of us who are unable to "picture" the breadth of this looming disaster, now we can get a great visual reference through these images.

Check it out on BBC.

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Norma said...

I'm not in denial at all. I think the whoop-de-do about people controling the climate is totally out of whack and pretty self-righteous when you think about it. I live in Ohio; it used to be covered by a glacier--actually several times. I'm so glad it warmed up. Lake Erie is shrinking; but 30 years ago everyone on its shore was watching the water rise and trying to figure out how to hold the lake back. They did really foolish things that just made things worse. Perhaps the dumbest thing environmental/fundamentalists are doing is encouraging burning corn to fuel our cars.